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The Norwich architect Edward Boardman and his family enjoyed their holidays on The Broads. In the early part of the 20th Century, he designed and built a holiday home for the family at How Hill at the western end of Ludham on the banks of the River Ant. It was completed in 1904. In those days, the Boardman family lived at Town Close House in Norwich (now a school).
The house was enlarged in 1915 and the family moved there permanently.

Edward married Florence Colman, the daughter of J.J.Colman, the owner of Colman's Mustard. They had 5 children, Joan, Chris, the twins Humphrey and Stuart and Michael.

How Hill House has gone on to be one of the best known landmarks in the area and the How Hill estate, now managed by the Broads Authority, offers public access, a nature reserve and nature trail plus a museum at Toad Hole cottage.

How hill 1912
How Hill House in 1912 before the large front and side extensions were built.

The Ludham Community Archive Group has been given access to the Boardman Family photograph albums. There are many volumes of photographs taken by Mrs Boardman and her children. These photographs are wonderful survivors and are a fascinating social history as well as a record of what it was like to grow up in the area 100 years ago. The Boardmans were a wealthy family and this is reflected in the photographs and also in the sheer quality of the images which were taken using first rate equipment.

There are thousands of photographs and the Ludham Archive Group has undertaken to scan and preserve them all as well as to make them available to a wider audience. Obviously, we cannot put them all on this website, but we have gathered together a selection which we hope you will find of interest. They show the Boardman children growing up and they show the How Hill area of Ludham and the wider area round the village. They range in date from 1898 right through to the 1980s. We hope you enjoy exploring them as much as we have. We would like to thank Shirley Place, Pauline Boardman and Peter Boardman  for looking after the photographs so well and for allowing us to copy the photographs.

Florence Boardman took many of the early pictures. She was an expert photographer and had her own darkroom at How Hill. She grouped her photographs by date as did Humphrey Boardman, and we have done the same with their photographs on this site. We also have photographs from the collections of Michael, Stuart and Chris Boardman plus the album of their nanny, Florence Cork. They tended to group their photographs by subject and we have reflected this grouping with their pictures.

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Florence Cork's Album
Chris Boardman's Albums
Other Boardman Photographs

Chris Boardman was an expert sailor. He sailed on The Broads but also elsewhere. He was a member of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club at Burnham on Crouch and sailed for Britain in the Americas Cup and the Olympic Games winning a gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in the 6m Yacht Class.
Naturally, Chris took many photographs on his sailing trips and we know these are of considerable historical interest. For this reason, we have some albums of Chris' sailing pictures on Flickr. Just follow the links below to this external site:
Boats from Album 3
Boats from Album 5
6m boats
Nada and Catherine Album
Lowestoft 1936 Album

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