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     Boardman Family Photographs

From the 1918-1923 Album

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By 1918, the Boardman children are growing up (Joan was 20 in 1918). We also see a lot more pictures of the youngest, Michael.

Michael at mill
Michael at Boardman's Mill on the river Ant 1918. The mill is still there.

Setting off on yet another sailing trip. August 1918

Humphrey, Stuart (and Fidgit) on an Aeriel Motorcycle

Stuart gets a hair cut from Bob Boulter

Chris as a Naval Cadet at Dartmouth

Humphrey in car
Humphrey in a splendid car. 1920.  This car is a rare AV Monocar of 1920.
(Thanks to Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society for this information).

Pleasure Boat Inn
The Pleasure Boat Inn at Hickling. This scene has not changed much.

Bikes at Mill
A collection of motorbikes (and Michael's not so motorised one). How Hill Mill. 1921

Toad hole
Toad Hole Cottage complete with tennis court. Now a museum.

Car at How hill
A tiny car and crowd of admirers. How Hill Mill 1921.
The car is a Carden Cyclecar with a winter 1921 registration.
(Thanks to Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society for this information).

Humphrey and Stuart
                with bittern chicks. How Hill
Stuart and Humphrey with bittern chicks. How Hill May 1923

Close up of the bittern chicks

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