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Clayrack Mill is a skeleton mill which can be found on the bank of the River Ant near How Hill.

At Turf Fen on a winters day.Turf Fen



Photographs from the Ludham Archive

Photographs bring history alive. Their hidden details tell us about life in Ludham in the past.  Just looking at old photographs is fun in itself.

In this part of the website you can click on collections of photographs selected from the Ludham Archive and see the history of Ludham for yourself.



Ludham in pictures :

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St Benet's Abbey

The photograph above shows the remains of the gateway to St Benet's Abbey which has had a 17th century windmill built into it. The history of Ludham is bound up with that of St Benet's although the abbey is over the border into Horning. This arrangement reflects the former course of the River Ant.
The abbey is well worth a visit and can be accessed by road from Ludham or by river. It makes an excellent walk from the village over the various footpath routes. It has it's own website - just click here.


About our photographs

Whenever we have an exhibition or event, the one thing which seems to draw a crowd more than anything else is a slide show of pictures from the archive, and all the time you hear:

"Was it really like that....?"
"Look there's old Fred..."
"I remember......"


Where did the photographs come from?

The simple answer is that people gave them to us. Old pictures came out of drawers, boxes of negatives came out of the attic, old slides were projected again and everyone enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. New photographs are still arriving and we all enjoy the insights into Ludham life that they bring.


Who owns the copyright :

When pictures are given to the archive, the owner signs a copyright release form which allows the archive to copy the pictures and publish them for all to see. We give the actual pictures back to their owners who are still the copyright owners.


That sounds simple enough, but  when you get a dusty old photograph out of a box, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to establish who took it and who owns it. We think that the archive group has permission to publish all the photographs on this website. Let us know if you disagree.

Can I copy these photographs?

You are welcome to make a copy for your own use, but if you want to publish the pictures or put them on another website, you will need our permission. This does not mean we will not give permission, so please do ask.
We hope you enjoy these photographs as much as we do. If you have any photographs of Ludham you would like us to add to the archive, or if you have any more information about anything you see in the pictures, then please let us know. Our e-mail address is on our Home Page.