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   PC Stephen Sissen - Ludham Policeman

In the past, Ludham had a large Police House on The Street (The 3 story building in the picture below). Local Historian, Beulah Gowing writes:

" PC Sissen was a respected Ludham Policeman. The picture shows his Ludham abode which was the 3 story house on the picture bearing official notice of times of duty (long since demolished). The 3 story house was one of importance as main Police Headquarters with barred cells beneath. It housed one Sergeant and 9 Constables and was much in use during early elections when locals would be plied with beer to catch votes. This brought forth fist fights and charges of unruly behaviour.
I was the publican's daughter at the Kings Arms and there was little law breaking in Ludham. Minor offenses were let off with a caution. Even during the last war we felt quite secure with local policemen, special constables and Redcaps of the Army"

Police house
The Police House on Ludham Street

Stephen Sissen was born to Henry Samuel Sissen (1852-1935) & Edith Maria Halesworth (1865-1927) in Costessey, Norfolk.

Stephen had a nickname of "Bloater" this is believed to have come from him living in Cromer during his early years! Although he was also a large man in later life, so we are not sure the exact reason for his nickname.

All his siblings and a lot of his descendants also had nicknames, as was custom in this time.

Stephen joined the Norfolk Constabulary as PC143 on 20th June 1914. He later joined the Armed Forces in August 1914 and then re-joined the police in February 1919.

From 1930 - 1936 he was appointed acting Sgt.

He resigned from the force on medical grounds on 28th February 1936.

His other postings in the police force were 20/6/1914 in Hilgay, 24/9/1919 in Pulham Market and then 6/1/1920 in Ludham.

PC Sissen on parade
PC Sissen on Parade. Front Row, third from left.

PC Sissen received a number of commendations for attention to duty and was awarded the Silver Jubilee Medal in 1935. Here is a list from his police record.


Below is PC Sissen's Police records:




PC Sissen resigned from the Police in 1936 due to ill health (thought to be Parkinson's Disease). The was replaced by PC Edmonds who moved into the new design Police House on the Norwich Road. These new police houses were built in Horning, Potter Heigham and Ludham with the main police stations being in Stalham and North Walsham.

Family Tree Notes for PC Sissen

PC Stephen Sissen was a policeman in Ludham until 1936. His father was Henry Samuel Sisson b 1852 and d  Costessey.
Stephen had a son called Stephen b 1929 Smallburgh.

Note that the surname Sissen is spelled in various ways in different census documents but we are confident that this information is for the correct family

1861 Census
Henry Samuel is a young child living in Costessey with his parents Stephen, an agricultural worker and his wife Sarah. (So there are 3 Stephens):
Stephen b Themelthorpe, Sarah b Woolwich, rest b Costessey.

1871 Census
They are still living in Costessey and Sarah is widowed. Looks like the surname spelling is Sissons not Sissen:

1881 Census
Henry is a bricklayer still living in Costessy but as a lodger, surname spelling Sisson:

In 1886
Henry marries Edith Maria Halesworth:

1891 Census
Henry has married Edith and they have young children, still Costessy, surname transcribed as Sissin

1901 Census
They now have another son, Stephen named after his grandfather, still Cossy, surname spelling Sisser:

1911 Census
This census entry has been written by Henry. Stephen is in the Army Reserve. Two of Edith’s children have died.

Edith must have died first, here is Henry leaving his money to his daughter Ruby:
"SISSEN Henry of Kings Villa Costessey Norfolk died 17th February 1935 Administration Norwich 4 march to Ruby Mary Bugdale (wife of Walter George Bugdale). Effects £211.

Other information from the internet:
A Memory of Ludham
I knew Sergeant Sissen well as he used to meet the Hickling policeman in Catfield where I was born. Local police met regularly in what was called, I think, a "point". I was born in 1925 so I remember the two policemen standing by their tall cycles outside the junction of Catfield Street and Limes Road.

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