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     School Close is Rebuilt 2016

School Close was a postwar development and part of the expansion of the village which took place at that time. However, sometimes buildings need to be renewed and move on. So in 2016 most of the buildings in the street were demolished and new ones built.
Mike Fuller from the Ludham Archive was there with his camera to record the changes. Here we see a little bit of Ludham being transformed.

as it was
What it used to look like

as it was
Another view before work started

another view pre work
Before demolition

The former houses have gone

Heavy plant prepares the site for building.

empty site
Cleared before building started.

work starts
Work starts building the new houses

roof trusses
Roof trusses arrive on site

up to roof level
Building work reaches roof level

rooves on
Roof tiles going on

looking finished
The outside is looking complete

more complete
Further down the road building progresses

looking complete
Looking finished

site is tidied up
The site is tidied up and is looking ready

The gardens just need a bit of grass

work is done
Looking great and ready to move in.

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