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     Lost Townsend Photographs

One of the things we do at the Ludham Archive Group is preserve things from the past. We try to collect everything that comes our way as we feel that we cannot guess what future historians might want.

Even so, it is not very often that we rescue photographs that had been thrown in the bin, but that is where these pictures came from.

We think these pictures were taken by Nita Townsend or her family. That's a picture of Nita on the right. She eventually became Ludham's oldest resident living the the age of 105.

Sometimes it is easy to identify where a picture was taken or when it was taken. However, we don't have all the information we would like about these pictures. Perhaps you can help us fill in the gaps by telling us where or when you think they were taken. If you have any ideas or information, please go to our home page and send us an e-mail.

Bridge Hotel potter

This photograph is easy to identify. It is the Bridge Hotel at Potter Heigham which was destroyed by fire in the 1990s. Any idea when it was taken? Those cars may be a clue.

downstream from potter Bridge
We think this next one is looking downstream from Potter Heigham Bridge. Do you agree or have you any idea when?

We don't know where this one is. Have you any ideas or can you name the boat?

Wroxham Broad has been suggested for this one, but we are not sure. Any ideas?

If you enjoy playing detective or have any information, our e-mail address is on our home page.

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