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     Womack Staithe repairs and the buried wherry

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From time to time the quay heading (wooden edge) of a staithe has to be replaced. In 2006, it was time to do the job at Womack Staithe in Ludham. The work was delayed when the pile driver was unable to knock in some of the piles due to underground obstructions. Excavations had to be carried out to find out what was causing the problem. After a lot of digging the obstructions turned out to be oak beams and planks and it became clear that at some time in the past, the remains of a Norfolk Wherry had been buried on the bank.
Of course, the Archive Group were on hand with cameras to record the event.

It is not clear which wherry was buried here, or indeed why. Maybe it was just in the way or perhaps it was thought it would strengthen the bank. Here are a few pictures:

womack staithe
Work in progress at Womack Staithe - or is it?

Looking at bit of wherry
The Archive Group examine the remains

Bits of wherry

More bits

The following two picture show Womack Staithe under repair in 1959. The area looked very different back then and the machinery (or lack of it) was very much of the time. Is this when the wherry was buried?

womack repairs 1959

                    womack 59

Here are 2 pictures from the 1960s. The left picture shows quay heading work in the North Dyke.

In 2011, the staithe was under repair again, this time at the south end where the parish moorings are. Here is a picture of the work in progress.

staithe repairs feb 11

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