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     Harvest. Then and now

Before WWII, Ludham farms relied heavily on horse power to get the work done, although for those bigger jobs you could hire Cyril Bensley's steam threshing machines. Cyril kept three complete sets at his workshops on Fritton Road


Often at harvest time extra labour was needed to get the work done and villagers were still employed on harvest jobs such as fruit picking well into the 1960s. These days, machines are very much in charge at harvest time.

ludham Hall
Here we see combining at Ludham Hall Farm

Moving those round bales would be impossible without today's diesel power at Ludham Hall.

Here are some pictures from simpler times showing how it used to be done.

Picking daffodils near Whitegates in the 1960s.

At How
Pickers pause for a photograph at How Hill Fruit Farm

More pickers at How Hill

How Hill
How hill
Above and left more pickers at How Hill
Red Roof
Red Roof
Above and left picking at Red Roof Farm

Red Roof Farm on the road between Ludham and Potter Heigham was another fruit farm which picked the crop manually.

Red Roof
Fruit boxes at Red Roof

Red Roof
Packing eggs at Red Roof

Red Roof
Pickers with their buckets

Red Roof Farm in winter

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