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  What Ludham did for the Coronation of King George VI

The coronation of a new King is a special day and a time for celebration. However, it is just one day and the local events are easily forgotten. So, what was Ludham doing on 12th May 1937?

There are not many people left in the village who were there for the celebrations and who can remember the details. Then, one day, Nivea Green was clearing out some papers and she came across a copy of the Souvenir Programme. It cost just one penny back then and it is a great survivor. Inside, it shows us that Ludham made the most of the special day with a full programme of activities.

These were simpler times, but Ludham pulled out all the stops and had over 12 hours of events:

front cover


Would you have had a go at the races or parades? Five bob was a good prize back then.

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