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     The 2003 Appeal and Church Roof Repairs 2004

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These notes were written by Ken Grapes, former Churchwarden and expert fund raiser:

In 2003, the Church launched an appeal for urgent funds. 80,000 was needed for urgent roof and clerestory repairs. This was a big sum for a small village like Ludham to raise, but we did manage it. Now, even more is needed as I will explain below. The pictures show Ludham villagers at the launch of the appeal:

The picture to the left shows roof timbers damaged by water leaking in through the roof.
Ken and villagers
at the launch

Our Appeal

Although our church looks as solid as the rock of Gibraltar, it isn't. I would like to see the church used as a community building for all sorts of things. We need to spend a pot of money to keep it going, and then we hope it will be used a lot more in the future; when our current project is finished, that is the 80,000 to repair the roof

There is also a problem on the roof of the tower.  The lead covering on the roof up there sheds water through two spouts on two sides. The flag pole stands on the high point, and the lead was welded on three sides, but not on the fourth, and the water, by capillary attraction, has gone up underneath the lead, and destroyed much of the wood in the beam underneath.The beam is made of oak, and is not going to fall down, but it has got to be fixed.
When we have done the repairs to the roof, the tower and the windows, we then have to solve the problem of the lighting. Before we had this lighting system, there were oil lamps here, (you can see these on old Victorian pictures) and previously to that, it would have been lit by candles. We have plans for a new lighting system. Then we have to do something about the heating. The hot water system was replaced in the 50s or 60s. The gas heaters are not suitable as they generate water and cause damage as you can see, to the walls. Then it will need painting, a new floor in the bell ringing chamber, and some toilets and a kitchen.

What Happened Next?

A lot of hard work went into raising the money and in 2004, work could begin on the first phase of repairs to the roof and stonework. Here are some pictures of work in progress on the roof:

church roof repairs

roof work
tower from roof

the view




It was 3 years before the next phase got under way and you can find out more by clicking here.

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