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     Ludham Carrier's Cart

Ludham is only about 10 miles from Norwich. These days it is an easy trip into the big city by bus or car. However, in years gone by, a trip to Norwich was a major undertaking which took all day.

One way of making the journey was in the Ludham Carrier's Cart. The photograph below shows the cart ready to set out on its journey.

Carrier's Cart

The cart was operated by Mr Robert Beevor. In this picture the driver is Arthur Beevor.

The cart travelled to Norwich twice a week. It took passengers (fare one shilling return) and goods. It brought back provisions for the grocery shops in Horning, Catfield, Ludham and Potter Heigham.

To see a video of Dolly Grapes talking about the Ludham Carrier' Cart, Click Here.

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