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     Wenn Family

Some odds and ends of information which you might find useful:

There are no gravestones in St Catherine's churchyard for the Wenn family.
However, there may be burials. Labourers often could not afford a stone and
some graves were once marked by mounds most of which were flattened in 1965
to make it easier to cut the grass. The book of burials is in the Norfolk
and Norwich Record Office and we don't have a copy.

1854. Whites Directory has William Wenn, Corn and Coal Merchant of Walcott.

1908. Kellys Directory has William Wenn at The Laurels, Catfield. Farmer. It
also has William Wenn, farmer. Walcott House, Walcott. This would connect
with Catfield War Memorial stating that Captain William Wenn, aged 31 died
of wounds April 1st 1917. Son of William and Edith Wenn of Walcott, Norfolk
and husband of Ruth Wenn of Ludham. He was buried in Egypt and would have
been born in 1886.

1897. Jan 11th. At Walcott, Anna Cook, wife of the late William Wenn died in
her 79th year.

Marriages at St Catherine's Church Ludham:

Feb 23rd 1843. Charles Wenn, 22. Batchelor of Ludham. Labourer. Son of
William Wenn, married Hannah George, 21. Spinster of Ludham. Daughter of
Edward George, labourer. Witnessed, William Rudrum, Elizabeth Wenn.

Sept 1st 1844. William Rushmore. Full Age (over 21). Batchelor. Labourer of
Potter Heigham. Son of John Rushmore married Elizabeth Wenn. Full age.
Spinster of Ludham. Daughter of William Wenn. Labourer. Witnessed Samuel
Rushmore, Harriet Wenn.

Sept 7th 1847. John Gibson. Full age. Batchelor. Labourer of Catfield. Son
of James Gibson married Eliza Wenn. Minor (under 21). Spinster. Daughter of
William Wenn. Labourer. Witnessed, Charles Wenn, Sarah Gibson.

May 30th 1872. Robert Storey. Full age. Batchelor. Bricklayer of Ludham, son
of ??? (possibly illegitimate), married Amelia Wenn. Full age. Spinster of
Ludham. Daughter of Charles Wenn, butcher. Witnessed. George Grapes, Amelia

Feb 13th 1877. Charles Wenn. Full age. Batchelor. Labourer of Ludham, son of
Charles Wenn, butcher, married Maria Wright. Full age, spinster. Daughter of
Samuel Wright, labourer. Witnessed Robert Storey, Eliza Wenn.

Baptism registers are in the Norwich Record Office and not available in
Ludham. However, two appeared in old church magazines:

April 24th 1892. Ernest, son of Charles and Maria Wenn.

August 24th 1897. May Wenn. No parents mentioned. Could have been an adult

The 1904 Sunday School Register includes. Ernest Wenn and Percy Wenn

From the Register of Voters and Payment of Relief for the Poor of Ludham:

1850. Widow Wenn lived in Town Cottage owned by Samuel Burrell.

1879. Charles Wenn Junior lived in cottage on Yarmouth Road owned by Daniel
England Sen. (Wheelwright).

1896. Charles Wenn, pork butcher, lived in Ludham High Street.

1922 and 1929 Kellys Directory. Mrs Wenn lived in Horsefen Road. (was she
Ruth - the widow of Capt Wenn?)


Mary Wenn - Aug 1851
Mary Ann Wenn - Oct 24th 1833


Charles Wenn m Rebecca Barrett  1769


John, son of George and Phyllis Wenn. Born or baptised 1740
William born or baptised 1743
Charles born or baptised 1745

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