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Aaron Neave was a well known Ludham farmer. His farm house still stands in the middle of the village and is thought to be one of the oldest remaining buildings in Ludham. The farm was later run by the Cooke Family who opened a shop in the farmhouse. The shop is long gone but the location is still known as Cooke's Corner.
Aaron Neave gave the land upon which Ludham Methodist Church now stands. You will notice that it is right behind his house.

It appears that the Neave Family is connected to the very well documented Garrett Family, so a look at the Garrett page may help your search. Pauline French has researched the Neave family tree with help from Liz Draper and this information is below.
There might be a connection with the Durrant family, so see our Durrant page also.
Look out for various spellings of Neave in census and other records.

Neave farm
This is the Neave farmhouse as it now looks. Notice the Methodist Church behind.

Aaron Neave 1822 - 1884

Aaron Neave was the son of Jacob Neave and Ann Vincent. He was born 12th Oct 1822 and baptized on the 17th of Oct 1822 in Barton Turf. He was the 4th child of 12. Aaron lived in Barton Turf until at least 1841.

Aaron married Harriet Whittleton in East Ruston on 30th November 1846. Both were full age. and both fathers were farmers. Aaron was also a farmer in Smallburgh.
Harriet and Aaron had 7 children:

Aaron. Born 27th Nov 1847 in Smallburgh abd died 7th Dec 1847 in Smallburgh, He was buried 12th Dec 1847 in Barton Turf aged 9 days. His death certificate states he died from convulsions which it looks like he had for 7 days.

Anna Elizabeth/Maria. Born 2nd March 1850, baptized 6th March 1850 in Ludham and died 17th March 1850 in Ludham. Buried 22nd March 1850 at Barton Turf aged 6 weeks. She was baptized Anna Maria but buried as Anna Elizabeth and on her death certificate it says she was 15 days old and died of debility. Despite this, we do know that they were the same child as the parents are the same on the birth certificate as on the baptism record and the burial date and death certificate match. The age is wrong but we can now prove that she was 15 days old when she died because of her birth certificate.

Frederick. Baptized 2nd May 1851 in Ludham. Died 1st august 1851 also in Ludham and buried in Barton Turf on the 7th of August 1851 aged 3 months. Cause of death - debility not certified and he was 14 weeks old.

Catherine. Baptized 11th May 1852 in Ludham and died 17th September 1932 at 48 Unthank Road Norwich and is buried in St Catherine's churchyard Ludham aged 80.

Herbert. Baptized 12th September 1854 in Ludham and died 14th March 1855 in Ludham but was buried 21st march 1855 in Barton Turf aged 7 months. He had congestion of the lungs for 3 days and was aged 6 months.

Albert. Baptized 18th May 1856 in Ludham. Died 30th May 1856 in Ludham from convulsions. He was 13 days old and was buried 5th June 1856 in Barton Turf aged 2 weeks.

Eliza Jane born 15th August 1864 in Ludham and died 7th August 1954 in Hoveton aged 90.

Catherine married Herbert Baldwin and Eliza Jane married Frederick Cubitt Neave (1st cousin).

Aaron and his father Jacob were both farmers in Barton Turf in 1845. Jacob had Berry Hall Farm. However, by the time of his marriage to Harriet in November 1846 Aaron was a farmer of Smallburgh, his 1st child being baptized there in November 1847. When baby Aaron was buried in Barton Turf less than a fortnight later, his residence was given as Smallburgh. By March 1850, Aaron and Harriet were living in Ludham, baptizing a daughter there in that month. All subsequent children were baptized at St Catherine's church in Ludham.

At the time of the 1851 census Aaron was a farmer of 164 acres living at Johnson Street Ludham.
In the 1861 census they lived at "Farm House" Ludham
In 1864 it is recorded that he owned his own land.
In 1871 he was still at Farm House and had 380 acres.
In 1879 he is recorded as one of the chief land owners in Ludham
In 1881 he is living at Brimston Lane and is a farmer of 400 acres
In 1883 he is a Ludham farmer of Home Farm. (This is probably The Laurels).

Aaron was said to be the 5th largest land owner in Ludham in 1851 with 164 acres. At one time he also owned Page's Farm and Crome's farm which were later sold to Edward Boardman.

Aaron died 8th June 1884. He had a disease of the kidneys for 5 years and also died of cardiac syncope and hypertrophy. His brother Alfred Neave was the informant on his death certificate. He died in Ludham but was buried in Barton Turf Church Yard on 23rd June 1884.

His wife Harriet seems to be missing on the 1881 census. We know she died on 6th March 1886 in Neatishead. She is buried at Barton Turf. There is a census entry in Heigham Hall Asylum (a private asylum) in the 1881 census which could be Harriet but we cannot be sure as you only see the initials H.N. This person is shown as a 57 year old farmer's wife and a lunatic.She did not die in the asylum. Her death certificate says she died in Neatishead. Her nephew F. Neave was in attendance. She died of fatty degeneration of the heart.

Aaron was quite wealthy and left his estate in trust for his wife and two daughters. Harriet and Eliza Jane also had legacies. the value of his estate for probate was £9380 5s 4d which was a lot of money at that time. In 1873, the rent on Aaron's land was £753 10s 0d. Harriet hid not leave a will but Eliza Jane was granted a letter of administration.

Catherine Neave 1852 - 1932

Catherine was the eldest surviving daughter of Aaron Neave and Harriet Whittleton. She was born in 1852. Other details above. when she married Herbert Baldwin on 29th November 1877 she spelled her name with a "K" - Katherine.
They had 2 daughters: Ethel Kate  was born in 1881 at Ashmanhaugh and died 1st August 1889 and was buried 5th August in Ludham aged 8. Dorothy Mildred was born 21st March 1889 and baptized 13th May 1889 in Ludham. She died 6th December 1975 and is buried in Ludham.
Dorothy was only an infant when her father died but he left her well provided for. In his will he left money in trust for her. Alfred neave, her great uncle and friend of her father was a trustee.
Herbert Baldwin lived at The Laurels in Ludham and farmed 430 acres in the 1881 census. He died 23rd July 1890 aged 35 and was buried at St Catherine's Ludham.
Katherine was listed as living by her own means in the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses. She lived with her daughter Dorothy at 48 Unthank Road, Heigham, Norwich where they lived until they died. Katherine died 17th September 1932 aged 80. She is also buried in Ludham. In her will she left everything to Dorothy. Dorothy never married.

Eliza Jane Neave 1864 - 1954

The youngest of the children of Aaron and Harriet. Born 15th August 1864 in Ludham. No baptism record has been found yet.
Eliza Jane married Frederick Cubitt Neave (her 1st cousin) on 30th April 1890 in Neatishead. Frederick Cubitt Neave was the son of Frederic Neave, (note spelling) Aaron's brother. Frederick Cubitt was a farmer at Langley at the time of the marriage.
Eliza and Frederick had 2 children:
Edwin Cubitt, born 24th February 1891 and baptized 19th April in Langley. He died in 1893 in Langley and was buried 28th November 1893 in Neatishead aged 2.
Gwendoline was born 1st March 1898 and was baptized 6th March 1898. She was buried 12th March 1898 all in Neatishead. She was 9 days old.
In the 1911 census it says that Frederick and Eliza had 3 children (all dead) but we only can find records of these two.
Eliza's husband Frederick Cubitt was a farmer at Holly Grove Farm Neatishead. In Frederic (senior's) will he was not left anything as it states he was well provided for.
Frederick Cubitt died 16th August 1949 in Firstfield, Tunstead Road, Hoveton aged 85.
Eliza Jane died 7th August 1954 at Firstfield aged 89.


Frederic Neave (brother of Aaron) married Emma Hilling Neave
Thirza Neave (sister of Aaron) married Cubitt Obadiah Silcock.
Other siblings of Aaron were Harriet, Alfred, Emma and Emily.

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