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     Mattocks Family

The Mattocks family were farmers at The Laurels Farm in Ludham. The family originates in Cumbria and moved to Ludham in the late 19th Century.

Here is a family tree:

Mattocks tree

It was William Mattocks and his wife Sarah Jane (Southward) who made the move from Cumbria to Norfolk. Interestingly, Sarah Jane is descended from John Peel the foxhunter who has been immortalised in the song "D'Ye Ken John Peel".

Elsie wedding
Elsie Mattocks' wedding 1921.

The Laurels. About 1960.

Family group with caption.
Here is some additional information:

Tom, Ted, George, Billy and Bob all worked on the farm.
Tom married Gwen (teacher at Ludham Primary School)
Ted married Gladys (nee Kirby, from Martham)
Alf married Connie
George was the eldest and managed the farm. Married Mary (nee Balls)
Billy was unmarried and had a daughter called Pat
Bob was a carpenter and married Monica
Photo is thought to be 1928

Tom Mattocks at The Laurels

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