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     Marris Family

Tom Marris was a solicitor. He was born in Worksop but later moved to Ludham with his wife Elsie Amy. He had only one leg as a result of a shooting accident. Despite this injury, Tom was given to going on big game hunting trips. The family lived at Little Holland on the banks of Womack Water.
They had a son, Thomas Clinton Marris who emigrated to Australia and a daughter Irene.

Marris tree
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As you can see, there are a lot of Toms in this family so beware of confusion. Tom is buried in Ludham Churchyard, plot F77.

Tom Marris

Little Holland
Little Holland in Tom's time there.

Little Holland is still there and has been extended and upgraded down the years and is now one of the prime locations to live in Ludham.

Thanks to Kathy Marris for providing the information.

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