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     Hayhurst Family

George Hayhurst was headmaster at Ludham School from 1896 to 1924.

He married twice.
His first wife was "Nellie Platt" died in 1889. They had a daughter Margaret, who was raised by George’s sister Alice. At some stage she moved to Ludham to live with her father. The 1911 census shows her living  in Ludham. In 1913 to she emigrated to Mildura, Australia and settled with George's sister Susannah. She married twice and had a total of 6 children.

Margaret Hayhurst
Margaret Olivia Hayhurst

His second wife Florence was a teacher of younger children.

Their children were

Kathleen Hayhurst. Born 1898 in Ludham. Student teacher at Ludham school. Taught in Croydon schools all her working life
Dorothy Hayhurst. Born Ludham 1897. Died 1901 from result of an accident in school.
Barbara Hayhurst. Born Ludham 1898. Student teacher Ludham school. Died 1918.
Freda Hayhurst. Born Ludham 1899. Pupil teacher at Ludham school. Qualified as a teacher
Marjorie Hayhurst. Born 1901. Died 1902.
Gwen Hayhurst. Born Ludham 1902. Pupil techer at Ludham school. Taught in Ludham and Catfield schools during her working life.
Joyce Hayhurst. Born Ludham 1903. Qualified as a nurse.
Joan Hayhurst. Born Ludham 1908. Trained as a secretary.
They had 9 grandchildren.

After he retired, George Hayhurst lived at The Dutch House (then called the Walnuts) in Staithe Road Ludham.

The next headmaster was George Herbert Kitchener. Note that the Hayhurst and Kitchener families are connected by marriage. (see out Kitchener page).

hayhurst family

The Dutch
This is the Walnuts now the Dutch House. It is easy to see why it got the name.


Above - George

Left - Joyce Hayhurst
Walnuts dyke
The Walnuts Dyke

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