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     Harrison Family

The Harrison Family were boat builders in Ludham for 4 generations. The family boatyard was on the bank of Womack Water. Here they built and repaired boats including the Wherry "Zoe".

Harrison's Boatyard
Harrison's Boatyard in 1881. Womack Water.

Confusingly, the Harrison Family used the names William, Robert and Roger in just about every generation so it is easy to get confused. To help with this, here is a family tree for the boat building branch of the Harrison Family.

                          Family Tree

Notes on this tree:
Robert Harrison born 1756 is from his Father's second marriage to Elizabeth Womack.
Some trees show Mary Moon as Mary Moor. We think she was a Moon but we don't (at present) understand her relationship to Sarah Moon.
You can also download the tree as a pdf by clicking here.

The boat building appears to have started when Arthur Womack, a boat builder took Robert Harrison (b1756) as an apprentice. There is some evidence that Robert lived with Arthur and may have been adopted by him. Arthur was based at Hickling and Robert went on to start the Harrison boatyard in Ludham.

In the 1880s, Robert William Roger Harrison emigrated to the USA taking with him his son William Roger Harrison. They ended up in Toledo, Ohio where they founded a new boatyard also called Harrisons.


Two photographs showing Harrison's Boatyard in Toledo, Ohio

The following document gives details of the land owned by the Harrisons in Ludham. There was farmland as well as the boatyard and several houses:

Henry Robert Moon Harrison Boat builder of Ludham, with 2nd part William Lake Miller of Ludham.
Mortgage Date 16th.April 1867.Between the following lst part George Durrant,2nd part Henry Negus Burroughes,3rd part H.R.M.Harrison,4th.part,Sarah Harrison,5th Part Alfred Kent and Bailey Leavins, To the sum of £640 and interest thereon.
Sold to H.R.M.Harrison with William Lake Freehold for the sum of £710. 2nd June 1891.
Several cottages with Boat Builders Shop, Stables and Buildings Yards Gardens and Pieces or Parcels of Arable Pasture and Marsh land and Osier Ground site being at Ludham, Together 12 Acres and 10 Perches according to Tithe Commutation Award.

                  type             group     acre     rod     perch
154 Jacko Meadow         Pasture    1        0          23
155 Jacko Meadow         Arable     1        14
156 House & Garden      Pasture    1        0           6
157 Stable & Yard          Pasture                          18
158 House & Garden      Pasture    1        12
159 Boat Factory            Pasture     1       29
160 Alder Carr                 Wood                            31
161 The Orchard             Pasture                         30
197 Horse Fen                 Pasture    1        1         19
237 Horse Fen                 Pasture    6        3         14
736 Cottage & Garden    Pasture                         14
Total                                                12      0         10

EXECUTED by sd S.W.Corsbie
H.R.M.Harrison & W.Lake and attested.
The land was sold in the early 20th century and split into 3 parts:

Fenside with the Barn,
Womack House with the Stables,
The Boat yard with Misty Morn

The boatyard continued to operate under various owners until the recession in 1983 meant it was no longer viable and the land was sold for housing.

Aerial View of the boatyard and land 1960s. Womack House to the right.

Womack Cruisers
The final incarnation of the boatyard as Womack Cruisers

Parish Registers
Here is some information from the Parish Registers relating to the Harrison Family:

All Ludham Burials from Parish Registers to 1900

Thomas HARRISON    14 Dec 1629
Ann HARRISON    30 Nov 1737
John HARRISON    8 Nov 1743
HARRISON    17 Jun 1744
Elizabeth HARRISON    12 Nov 1766
Sarah HARRISON    15 Apr 1777
Elizabeth HARRISON    10 Nov 1783
Elisabeth HARRISON    7 Dec 1785
John HARRISON    13 Aug 1788
Susannah HARRISON    03 May 1826
George HARRISON    05 May 1826
Mary HARRISON    12 Jul 1826
Robert HARRISON    05 Jun 1829
Roger HARRISON    09 Nov 1830
Robert HARRISON    31 Oct 1838
John HARRISON    26 Jun 1839
Sarah Jackson HARRISON    31 Jul 1840
Sarah HARRISON    15 Oct 1840
Sarah HARRISON    14 Nov 1849
Mary HARRISON    14 Jan 1850
Thomas George Church HARRISON    08 Feb 1856
Hannah Maria HARRISON    18 Feb 1858
Hannah Maria HARRISON    30 Oct 1861
Robert HARRISON    19 Sep 1866
Sarah HARRISON    23 Nov 1881
Henry Robert Moon HARRISON    07 Dec 1893
Elizabeth HARRISON    27 Jun 1894

Burials with Markers (includes the above)

C39    HARRISON Sarah, George, Mary and Roger
Inscription on C39 - Sarah Harrison Died 9th April 1777 aged 20 years Joseph Jenkerson Died 24th June 1779 aged 52 years Sarah Jenkerson Died 6th January 1787 aged 53 years George Harrison Died 28th April 1826 aged 26 years Mary Harrison Died 30th June 1826 aged 24 years Roger Harrison Died 2nd November 1830 aged 88 years Sarah Jenkerson Died July 25th 1840 aged 41 years Also her infant children
C40    HARRISON Rob't
Inscription on C40 - In memory of Robít Harrison Who died 1st June 1829 Aged 72 years

Marriages Ludham

Robert HARRISON    Mary CROWE    10 Feb 1820
William HARRISON    Rebecca HADDON    10 Oct 1671
Roger HARRISON    Sarah Jenkinson HARRISON    12 May 1829
Roger HARRISON    Sarah JENKENSON (JENKERSON)    23 Aug 1774
Elizabeth HARRISON    John BISHOP    2 Jun 1766
Caroline HARRISON    Israel Royal GARRETT    19 Oct 1842  (see our Garrett Page for more information)

Caroline Harrison

Caroline married Israel Royal Garrett in Ludham. She appears to come from a different branch of the Harrison family and we cannot connect her with the boat building Harrisons.

Her Father, William Harrison 1791-1866 was an Excise Officer. Her Mother was Mary Ann Clarke 1796-1874

She is buried in Hickling Churchyard.

Sarah Jenkinson Harrison

We know that Sarah married Roger Harrison, but exactly how the Jenkinsons (and other similar spellings) fit into the family tree we don't know for sure. We have some ideas and notes on the subject. Please contact us for details. Our email address is on our home page.

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