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     Hall Family

Babs Hall was a churchwarden at St Catherine's Ludham and also used to run the Corner Cabin Shop. Her husband was confusingly known as "Scram". In fact their real names were Maud Barham Hall (Babs being a nickname) and Alfred Reginald Hall.
Babs died on 2nd September 1991 and Scram on 7th May 1993. They are buried together in the churchyard.

Here is some information about their family tree supplied by Bab's 2nd cousin Rosemary French.

"Babs was my 2nd cousin ,the daughter of my grandfathers brother. She had a sister Miriam and their parents were Edward G Lovett x Edith Adelaide Barham .  Edward had an older sister Maud , then a younger sister Frances ,then Laura and finally my grandfather Sidney Charles. He married my grandmother Dallas Louisa Dove. Edwards parents were George Lovett x Frances Myhill . His parents were James Lovett x Mary Clark. Further back the parents were Robert Lovett [1795]x Mary ? "

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