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Thomas Halcott was a surgeon in Ludham. His son John Halcott (b1758) emigrated to the USA where he had three towns named after him. He drowned in a mill pond in the town of Halcott Center NY.

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Other information provided by Diane Newman and Doyle McIntosh, both descendants of the Halcotts of Ludham.

John Halcott had 3 towns named after him - Halcott, Halcottsville and Halcott Centre.  He was rumoured to be a teacher at some point in his life.  It has been said that's how he met his wife.  His children held high office within New York state.  He did not like farming so he opened a big mill.  He obviously was a man who came from a prominent family and was well educated. 

John born 1758,  came to America during the Revolutionary war, fighting on the side of England but he did not leave New York to go back home to Ludham. John named his children after all of his family members back in England (including his mother and father). The picture below is Harvey Halcott - he is the grandson of Samuel Halcott and Sarah Applebee - the child of their son John Halcott.

Harvey Halcott                                                                                                                          
Here are some press cuttings:


Inscription on Thomas Halcott's gravestone:

In memory of
Thomas Halcott
Who died 20th August 1768
Aged 48 years
Likewise Mary, the relict of the above named Thos. Halcott departed this life
On 12th day of September
(rest illegible)

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