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Hacons at the
The Hacon Family at the The Grange, Ludham in 1857
Right to left: Herbert Jeffrey Hacon,  Emily Hacon (his wife), Lucy Hacon, Nellie Hacon, Ann Eliza Hacon (his mother)

Here is a family tree based on research by the Ludham Archive Group.
Hacon family tree
Here is an expanded family tree provided by local resident Phyllida who has recently discovered she is descended from the Hacon family.

Hacon family tree
The Hacon Family were landowners and farmers in Ludham in the 19th Century. In 1834 (or possibly 1839), they built The Grange, a large farmhouse on the Catfield Road adding it to a block of existing stables (which are still there). At one time it was the largest farm in Ludham.

William Hacon built The Grange in the1830s. It was later sold to the Fitz-Hugh family. In 1972 one of the fields belonging to the former farm was built on and is now Grange Close. Ludham Hall was also known as “The Grange” in the distant past. This can be very confusing so watch out for this.
In Whites 1883, Herbert Jeffrey Hacon is a farmer in Ludham.

Note the spelling of Martha Hylton varies in the records. Sometimes as Hilton or Hilson.
Here are the Hacon marriages at St Catherine’s:

25.05.1876  Herbert Jeffrey Hacon m Emily Clarke
16.10.1862  Elizabeth Helen Hacon m Thomas William Jay Gent.
11.05.1870  Harriet Ann Mary Hacon m John Butler Elgar

Here are the Hacon grave inscriptions at St Catherine's:

Anne Eliza
Relict of
William Hacon
Of this parish
Born December 16th 1809
Died September 24th 1895
I shall be satisfied when I awake
With Thy likeness. Ps 17.15
In loving Memory of
EMILY wife of
DIED 26TH Jan 1930 Aged 83
Also of
Died 2th May 1937 Aged 87
Miss N Hacon was a first aider in Ludham Home Guard in WWII.

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