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     Gedge and Brooks Family

Enquiries to the Ludham Archive come in many forms. In this case, Katie Armes sent us the photograph below and asked if we knew anything about it. The photograph had been handed down her family and was in the same frame as a picture of the Ludham Home Guard, but why and who are the people in the picture? It clearly had a Ludham connection.

Katie then did some research and found that a relative of hers, Alfred George Gedge had been in the Grenadier Guards and he was also in the Home Guard picture. That must be the connection. Alfred joined the Guards in 1918 when he was 18 years old and was demobbed in 1920. He gave his occupation on enlisting as a cowman and his address as Clint St, Ludham. The census shows that he lived at Manship Cottages when he was growing up.

Alfred gedge
On right, Alfred George Gedge, Grenadier Guards

Ludham Home Guard
Ludham Home Guard 1944. Alfred Gedge is on the front row, second from the right.

This discovery led us to do some research into the Gedge Family Tree. One thing we found was that Alfred had a half sister, Sarah Elizabeth Gedge wo married Harold Dennis Brooks. So we decided to produce a joint tree showing the Gedge and Brooks Families of Ludham.

Gedge and Brooks Tree
Note that the Gedge Tree is connected to the Temple Tree and you can find this on our Temple Page.

We still don't know who the other person is in the photograph. If you know, please get in touch. Contact information is on our Home Page.

Victor Alexander Brooks was drowned in WWI by the torpedoing of the “Transylvania” May 4th1917 Aged 19 years.

Russell O Brooks married Mrs Armitage, owner of Ludham Manor. He later remarried (1956). He started a Foundry business in Ludham next to the Church Rooms in 1946.

R O Brooks
Inside the machine shop at R. O. Brooks' Foundry

There are other Brooks families in Ludham.

Jonathan Brooks born 1872 in Rollesby married Henrietta Blanch Grapes  (born about 1874 - Ludham) at St Catherine's, 4th Oct 1894. Eva Adela seems to be the only child who survived.
In the 1901 census they were living at Hall Common Cottage and in 1911 were still in Ludham

If you have any information about this branch of the family contact

Gedge Marriages

Alfred GEDGE    Eleanor AMES    18 Oct 1849
Thomas BEEVOR    Elizabeth GEDGE    6 Nov 1815
Harold Dennis BROOKS    Sarah Elizabeth GEDGE    21 Jan 1896
John GEDGE    Ann GREEN    12 Dec 1786
Robert GEDGE    Ann PREST    25 Nov 1895
Robert GEDGE    Sarah TEASDALE    28 Sep 1809
Robert GEDGE    Elizabeth TUNGATE    27 Nov 1873
Peter HADDON    Mary GEDGE    24 May 1763

Burials to 1900

Mary Elizabeth GEDGE    21 Mar 1810
Robert GEDGE    07 Oct 1834
Sarah GEDGE    05 May 1844
Henry GEDGE    29 Jan 1864
Henry GEDGE    26 Nov 1865
Alfred GEDGE    06 Jun 1882
Elizabeth GEDGE    06 Feb 1888

Burials after 1900

B101    GEDGE Florence May 21 Oct 1957 and Thomas William 15 Mar 1963


Blanche Ada GEDGE    Baptism    7 Sep 1884
Blanch Ada GEDGE    Baptism    28 Jun 1896
Ernest GEDGE    Baptism    10 Apr 1898
Alfred George GEDGE    Baptism    27-May-1900

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