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     Frostick (Frosdike, Frostdike) Family

Here is some information about the Frostick (and other spellings) family. This page was written by Izzie Kirk (nee Frostick) who is researching the Frostick family tree.

Wilfred and
Wilfred and Len

My Dad was fascinated by his ancestry, as am I. We talked for hours of ‘family rumours’ when I visited him, but at that time, things weren’t quite so easy to find out. On the 10th anniversary of his passing last year I decided to start some research into our Frostick family tree.

Almost immediately, it was clear that everyone emanated from Norfolk, quite a distance from where we are now in South Yorkshire, and to begin with it was very easy; Grandad Leonard (pictured, right, with his cousin) was one of 8 children born to Philip and Eliza.

Before I knew it, we ended up in Wood Dalling with William Frostick (1837-1869), his father Samuel (1804, Wood Dalling – 1864 Aylesham), and his father, Henry Frostick (1764 Felmingham- 1853 Wood Dalling).

Suddenly then, it seems everyone spelled the name differently on everything, and there are several duplicates of records of everything with different spellings. Henry’s father was born in Ludham 1730, registered as Frosdike, to his father William who had a ‘t’ (Frostdike), sometimes, and his wife Sarah Howes…and there we hit a brick wall.

Old document

Although William and Sarah were married in Ludham in 1723, and both noted to be single and ‘of Ludham’, after considerable searching of various ancestry websites, and trawling of the entire Christening contents of Ludham between 1680 - 1723 and as far back as records go, I have found not a single appropriate birth record for either William Frostdike (or Frosdike/Frosdiker) or for Sarah Howes.

I did start to think I would settle for Sarah born 1688, making her an ‘older’ mum for her children (all born in Ludham), but eventually I had my hopes dashed when I learned she sadly died at 1 year and 1 month old.

The children were: Mary (1724), Sarah (1725 died same year), William (1726 died same year), William (1727), Richard (1729), Henry (1731), Sarah (1732), Susanna (1734) and John (1735 died same day).

Old document

William, I do know, died and was buried in Ludham in 1735, although I have no idea how old he was or why he died one month before his last boy was tragically still born.

There are seemingly no Frostdikes (or similar) in the area before William, so I’m guessing he moved into Ludham but there are Frosdickes very early on in Coltishall, and Frosticks in Potter Heigham.

I’d love to know if anyone local knows anything more about William or Sarah?

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