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Chambers Family
also Dunn, Firth, Daniloff

This family tree was provided by Ruth Daniloff (nee Dunn) who grew up in Ludham. Her grandfather was Frank Chambers, a mathematician and boat designer who lived for part of his life at Green Farm (also known as Low Farm) in Ludham.

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Frank Harding Chambers

Family Tree of Ruth Daniloff:

Frank Chambers (grandfather)  born 1867  died 1912 (buried in Ludham) 
Frank was head of Lincoln Grammar  School,   spent holidays in Norfolk at Lower Farm/Ludham (also known as Green Farm). 
A brilliant mathematician who designed boats for Sidney Grapes of Potter Heigham. 
He designed a boat for Sir Thomas  Lipton called the Grey Friar.
I believe he was involved with founding the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club. 
He painted.
Alice Chambers (nee Firth, grandmother) born 1860 died 1945.  Buried in Ludham.
Frank Chambers had four children.  
Jack, Reg, Joyce and Molly (my mother)
Jack wanted to be a boat builder, but father said it wasn’t a career for a gentleman .  Sent to Australia.   

Reg involved in early aviation.  (All buried in Ludham)
My Father, Raymond Dunn born 1884 in Liverpool; died 1942  buried in Ludham.
My sister, Prinkie , born 1941  married with two children
My husband,  Nicholas Daniloff,  American  journalist of Russian background.  Born 1934.  
We have two children,  Caleb and Miranda

Other Information:

Frank Harding Chambers was the eldest son of the Rev. Joseph James Chambers, Vicar of St. Barnabas, Southampton. Born in
Wolverhampton, in September 1867. attended Wolverhampton Grammar School, and Balliol College, Oxford, he graduated on 24 October 1885.
He died at the Hotel Teston, St. Remy en Provence, France, aged 44, 16 February 1912. He left £7828 8s 3d.

He married Mary Alice Firth on 12th July 1888 in Long Ashton, Somerset. Mary was 7 years older than Frank and was born in 1860. She was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and was baptised there in Brimington Church on 14th Dec 1860. Their house was called tapton Grove.  Her Father was John Firth and her mother Charlotte Harding. The Firth family were well known steel manufacturers in Sheffield. She died 24th January 1945 in Ludham.

Mary's brother Arthur has a child Violet Mary Firth who writes as a poet called Dion Fortune.

Parents of Mary Alice Firth were John Firth and Charlotte Franci(e)s Harding. This explains why her brother has Harding as a middle name and could mean that Frank Harding Chambers is her cousin.

Her grandfather Thomas Firth and his brother Mark along with their Father (also Thomas) founded the Sheffield steelmaking company Thomas Firth and Sons in 1842 (later Firth Browns).

                      Frances Harding
Charlotte Frances Harding

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