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     Catt, Catte, Cattee Family

The Catt, Catte or Cattee Family lived in and around Ludham in the 16th Century and beyond. We know that Nicholas Catt was a wealthy man who left money for repairs to St Catherine's Church in Ludham. The spelling of the surname does not appear to have been standardised and having one or two extra Es on the end of Catt seems to have been quite common in the past.

Below is a family tree showing some of the Catts who are connected to Ludham. This was all a long time ago and some of this information is incomplete.

 Catt Family Tree

We know have the following extra information about the people in the above tree:

Robert Catt married Margaret Bray on 15th June 1617 in Repps with Bastwick. His son Robert cattee was born in Repps with Bastwick in 1618. He lived in Potter Heigham and died in Ingham. His son Robert Cattee was born in 1657 in Potter Heigham. He was a miller and died in 1691 in Ingham. He had two brothers called William. The younger died in 1658 aged 3.

John Cattee who married Elizabeth died in 1726 in Ingham. His brother William married in 1724 in Potter Heigham. His son Robert Catte was a wheelwright who lived and died in Ingham.

Sarah Catt married Isaac in 1738 in Lessingham. Her brother William was a wheelwright in Ingham as were his children William, John and Robert.

Below are notes showing all the information we currently have about the Catt Family. We hope it helps you with your research.

Catt Burials at St Catherine's Ludham

These are the Catt graves we know of at St Catherine’s in Ludham. None of them have gravestones or markers. There may be more before this but it is as far back as our records go
Elizabeth CATT 24 Apr 1583
Alice CATT 2 May 1583
Mary CATT 14 Jan 1584/85
Richard CATT 23 Sep 1587
Christian CATT 2 Mar 1587/88
William CATT 19 Nov 1729
Mary Ann CATT 2 Jul 1750
Berry CATT 28 Oct 1750

Nicholas Catt

We know that Nicholas lived in Ludham and in his will of March 1598 he left to Ludham Town the sum of 6s and 8d for the repair of the church and bells. He also requests to be buried in Ludham churchyard near his father. We are not currently able to connect Nicholas to the above tree although he probably is connected.

If you have any further information about this family, please get in touch with us. Other research is ongoing at the moment and we may get further information. Contact details are on our home page

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