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     Boardman Family

The Norwich architect Edward Boardman and his family enjoyed their holidays on The Broads. In the early part of the 20th Century, he designed and built a holiday home for the family at How Hill at the western end of Ludham on the banks of the River Ant. It was completed in 1904. In those days, the Boardman family lived at their main residence, Town Close House in Norwich (now a school). They just came to Ludham for holidays. This was the start of the association of the Boardman family with Ludham.

The house was enlarged in 1915 and the family moved there permanently.

Edward married Florence Colman, the daughter of J.J.Colman, the owner of Colman's Mustard. They had 5 children, Joan, Chris, the twins Humphrey and Stuart and Michael.

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The marriage of Edward T Boardman and Florence Colman

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