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     Beevor Family

This family names seems to have several alternative spellings including Beaver, Beavour, Beevers etc.

Although the family have had many occupations, they are well known as carriers in the 19th century

carrier's cart

The Ludham carriers cart was operated by Mr Robert Beevor. In this picture the driver is Arthur Beevor.

The cart travelled to Norwich twice a week. It took passengers (fare one shilling return) and goods. It brought back provisions for the grocery shops in Horning, Catfield, Ludham and Potter Heigham.

Here is a video clip of Dolly Grapes talking about the carrier's cart:

The Ludham Archive has had a number of enquiries over a period of 10 years from people researching different aspects of the Beevor Family Tree.

Keith Linder has kindly supplied a comprehensive set of family trees which are based in his hard work and research. They are very large documents and you can find them by following this link.

Keith also writes:

James Beevor was baptised at Ludham on 30th September 1835. He was the son of James and Alice. James Beevor Snr. and Alice Crane married at Ludham on 15th September 1834. This James Snr. was probably the one baptised on 9th February 1816, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth. he could have been only eighteen when he married - do the registers say 'with the consent of parents' ? Thomas married Elizabeth Gedge at Ludham on 6th November 1815.
Finding Thomas is slightly more difficult. There was a Thomas Beavour baptised at Ludham on 1st May 1791. I and others have transcribed his parents as Robert and Eadney. This is more likely to have been Robert and Elizabeth, as they were the only Beevor family at the time having children baptised in Ludham. This particular entry in the register shows Robert to have been a pauper. I wonder if there are any surviving Poor Law records that would throw more light on him. I have not followed this line recently.
From the mid 19c my side were Methodists or Congregationalists. A Robert Beevor appears on the foundation stone of the Chapel in Hickling (1852).
Caroline Mary Beevor (b1869) on Sheet 6 of the tree married Charles Durrant and lived in Sunflower Cottage, Hickling. Her two sons continued to live there after her death at the age of one hundred. I met them in 2007 and took a photograph of the 'R B 1727' inscription. Unfortunately one of them died two weeks later. I joined the Hickling Local History Group in the hope that they might be able to find out more about the cottage but so far no luck.
My Linder family enters the tree at Sheet 8 with my parents being Olive and Claude Linder.

David Holland, another researcher of the Beevor family writes:

I am still chipping away at the Beevor family tree and in relation to the parents of Thomas Beevor born around 1790 in Ludham. There is a Thomas Beavour whose baptism took place at the church of St Catherine 01 May 1791 and his parents are listed as Robert Beavour and his mother's forename as Eadny. It has been mentioned that this may be Elizabeth. However, I did suspect that Thomas had an older brother John. and I have found a baptism of a John Beavour 21 Dec 1788 at St Catherine's Ludham and his parents are listed as Robert Beavour and his mother's forename as Eadney. So it is quite apparent to me that they were brothers. Furthermore a John Beevor is listed as a witness to the marriage of Thomas Beevor and Elizabeth Gedge on the 6 Nov 1815, again at St Catherine's Ludham.
Elizabeth Langley, who married Robert Beevers in 1763 cannot be the mother of John and Thomas as, according to the family trees that you sent me, she died in 1783 and her funeral took place 29 Dec in Ludham. I have, however, found a marriage of a Robert Beevor (widower) to Edna Miller (spinster) at St. Catherine's Ludham, 15 Oct 1786. This leads me to think that Robert remarried after his first wife's death and they had 2 further children, John and Thomas. If this is the case then all the children to Robert and Elizabeth would be step brothers and sisters to John and Thomas.

Too many Roberts and Elizabeths. A bit of research from the Ludham Archive Team

There appear to be two Robert Beevors baptised in Ludham in 1773 and one of them appears to have been baptised in Hickling as well just to confuse the issue. The records are a little bit unclear, but we think that one of them is actually Robert Beevers Roll (Beever or Beevers being his middle name). He later married as Robert Roll. The problem is that the baptism record shows him as Robert Beevers, son of William Roll and so it very easy to get mixed up. We have called them Robert 1 and Robert 2 and, hopefully, the following two trees should make things as bit clearer:

Robert 1

Robert 2

Greg and Sue Beevor from Victoria, Australia write:

My paternal Great Great Grandfather George Beevor married Emily Lines.   (29July1858)
George and Emily had a son named George (B. 1868) who travelled to Australia on the Scottish Lassie arriving in Maryborough Queensland.
George’s siblings were Mary Ann, William, James and Robert.
George married Caroline Sarah Atkins in 1893 in Sydney Australia. George and Sarah had a son named William George.
William subsequently married Mima Freda Vivian and that union produced my father, Kenneth William (B. 23Oct1923)

George and Caroline, living in Sydney, published a death notice for his mother in Ludham England in 1913.
Linda Brinklow has been researching the Beevor tree and she has also provided a selection of documents.

The first documents are family trees showing the descendants of John Howe Beevor. You will see that Linda has based her research on that of Keith Linder and has used some of his trees with additions of her own. They are all large documents and to see them you need to follow this link.

Linda has also produced some powerpoint presentations which give the story of her family research. There is also a slide show of photographs. As these are large files you need need to download them to see them. You can do this from the links below:

The Origin of the Beevors Chapter 1
Ludham Beevors Chapter 2
Breakthrough on the Internet Chapter 3  (This is when Linda discoved the Ludham Archive and Keith Linder)
The Ludham Beevors Chapter 4
Beevor Photographs

Linda has also produced a file about the life of Kenneth Beevor.

Paul Beevor from Canada sends the following tree:

Paul Beevor Line

Brian Potter has provided the following Beevor trees. Just click on them to download:

Robert Beevor Descendant Chart

Thomas Andrew Beevor Vertical Pedigree Chart

You may find the following notes helpful. They were supplied by the late Beulah Gowing, local historian:

1842 Tithe Map Robert Beevers occupied a cottage and garden. Owned by John Deaker. Site of demolished cottages in School Rd. Albert Warner/ Westgate and Leggett lived in them. Now a bungalow on site.
1842 Tithe Map. Thomas Beever. Occupied cottage and garden owned by William Green (demolished). On north side of Hall Common Farm and now a walled garden.
1879 Rate Book. Emily Beavour lived in The Street as tenant. Also in The Street Robert Beevour.
1850 Payment for Relief of Poor.  John Beevor lived in a cottage in The Street owned by John Deeker
1851 Census. John Beevor aged 64 and Mary his wife 57 lived Hall Common.
1888 St Catherine's Sunday School. Robert Beevor (brother Bob), Arthur Beevor (became a carrier), Harriet Beevor (lived Yarmouth Rd)
1908 Kelly's Directory. Robert Beevor. Carrier to Norwich (horse and cart) Weds and Sats returning same day.
Marriage Oct 21 1845. Robert Beevor, son of Thomas Beevor married Sarah Ling, minor, spinster of Horning. Also on this date Jacob Jermy, full age of Ludham, son of Isaac Jermy married Elizabeth Beevor, Daughter of Thomas Beevor.
1904 Sunday School. St Catherine's. William Beevor and Ethel Beevor
Marriage April 24th 1850. William Beevor, minor, batchelor, labourer, Ludham, son of Thomas Beevor married Mary Lines, spinster of Ludham, daughter of William Lines
July 29th 1858.  George Beevor, fullage, batchelor, Ludham, son of Thomas Beevor married Emily Lines aged 19, daughter of William Lines
June 27th 1867. Rober Beevor, full age, batchelor, carter, Ludham, son of John Beevor married Ann Elizabeth Johnson, full age, spinster of Potter Heigham, daughter of Richard Johnson

June 6th 1887. John Miles Bessey, 27, batchelor, fisherman, Ludham, son of John Bessey married Mary Ann Beevors 25, Ludham, daughter of George Beevors.
May 26th 1896. James Beevors, 29, batchelor, fisherman, Ludham, son of George Beevors, married Martha Marr, spinster, Ludham (lived Horse Fen)
Jan 8th 1903. William Henry Stirling, 26, batchelor, Ludham, son of William Stirling, soldier, married Kate Ann Beevor, 27, Ludham, daughter of James Beevor, Farm Bailiff.
March 19th 1903. John Grapes, 50, batchelor, groom, Ludham, son of Thomas Grapes, thatcher, married Emma Beevor, 30, spinster, cook of Ludham, daughter of Robert Beevor, carrier. (Emma born 1873. She and John worked at Ludham Manor). Witnessed by Robert Beevor and Harriet Beevor.
Oct 12th 1911. Arthur Beevor, 31, batchelor, carrier, Ludham, son of Robert Beevor, married Adeline Bertha Jermy, 21, spinster, Ludham, daughter of John Jermy (deceased). (Lived top of Mill Hill. 2 daughters, Madeline and Phylis)
1763. Robert Beevers married Elizabeth Langley
1820. John Newton married Elizabeth Beevor By Banns

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