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 The Alexander Family of Ludham

a collection of photographs from the early 20th Century

The Alexanders were a large Ludham Family who lived a worked in Ludham and surrounding villages in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Here is a collection of photographs from David Davie, son of Ruby Alexander. These excellent quality photographs show Ludham life at that time. We hope you enjoy them.

alexander family tree

This is the Alexander family tree. Robert Alexander Snr and his wife Georgiana had 12 children. Georgiana had lots of different ways of spelling her name and we are not sure of the right one. It is Georgina on her gravestone. Reference to the tree helps to place the various characters in the pictures. Yes, they really did have a child called Happy. Robert Jnr was known to everyone in Ludham as Dobin (occasionally Robin). This can be a bit confusing but we are certain that Robert Mafeking Alexander is Dobin. Refering to people by nicknames was common at this time in Ludham.

Fruit pickers
Fruit pickers at How Hill farm. It was common practice for local people to pick fruit and other produce in the summer.
Emily Eva Alexander (Gibbs) is top left with Alice Ruby Alexander to her right in the dark fur coat.

cookery class
A cookery class at Ludham Church Rooms. The Church Rooms had a porch in those days before the road was widened.
Alice Ruby Alexander (always known as Ruby) is 2nd right of the teacher.

Ludham football team
Ludham Football Club 1924/25

on scaffolding
St Benet's
Here we see the gatehouse at St Benet's Abbey under repair
and covered with wooden scaffolding. Emily and Ruby       
 (black hat) Alexander have climbed to the top with the help  
of Bob Pearson. No health and safety in those days.             
on top
high up

ludham bridge
A snowy day at Ludham Bridge

The next 8 photographs are all taken at or around Ludham Hall Farm. Robert Snr is the man with the wheelbarrow. Henry (Harry) Alexander can be seen in a white shirt and hat in some of the pictures. Harry had emigrated to the USA in 1925 and here we see him on a visit to Ludham with his wife (dress with vertical stripes). Ludham farms were not mechanised until the second world war and this type of hay making with horses and carts was typical of the time.

on the farm
Robert Snr
hay making
with henry
henry visit
hay making
Ludham Hall Farm

alexander house
Robert Alexander Snr and his wife lived in the left cottage at the top of the track to St Benet's Abbey. They can be seen in this photograph.

Broadmead Farm
Broadmead Farm Ludham. Dobin Alexander worked this farm.

Frederick Davie
Alice Ruby Alexander married twice. Her first husband Robert John Jones died of red lead poisoning while working at a boatyard in Potter Heigham.
The man on the right in this picture is her second husband Frederick G Davie. He was the local "Corona Man".
This is obviously a parade but we don't know for which event.

steam engine
Dobin Alexander is 3rd from the left on the sacks and George is standing on the engine.

horse and cart
Dobin is hands on hips and George is holding the horse.
On the left is Charles Nicholson and sitting on the cart is Jimmy Nicholson

We don't know anything about this picture but it is a good one showing how the harvest used to be done.

Englands Butchers
The Ludham butchers shop used to be located on The Street to the left of Throwers roughly where the car park is now.

War memorial
A service of remembrance at Ludham War Memorial. This may be the dedication of the memorial.

Rice cottages
This is the view of Rice Cottages, Saithe Road, Ludham taken from the back. Dobin Alexander used to lodge here with Violet and Alfred Mileham

Dobin Alexander with his bike and whippet.

                        and Darkie
Dobin Alexander and Alfred Mileham
           (known as Darkie)
                                      Violet Mileham outside Rice Cottages

Dobin in later life

Alexander Family
A Family Picture of the Alexanders.
Back Row Left to Right: Agnes, Georgiana, Robert Snr, May (nee Slaughter, wife of George), George
2nd Row left to Right: Jacky Claire (son of Happy), Happy, Ethel, Dobin
3rd Row Left to Right: Edna (daughter of Happy), Ruby, Alice
Front Row Left to Right: Rene, Nancy (Jones)

view from Tower
View from St Catherine's

in USA
Harry (right) emigrated to the USA in 1925 with Bob Watson (left) and Stanley Brinded.

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