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     High Mill and Horsefen Marshes Walk

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A Circular Walk from Ludham Village

This pleasant walk can be started either from the middle of Ludham Village or from Womack stathe for those arriving by boat. It climbs to the top of High Mill Hill where there are good views (not strenuous - there are no big hills in Ludham) and then takes in the hamlet of Fritton on Ludham's eastern borders. From here you cross the Ludham Marshes Nature Reserve and follow the banks of the river Thurne and Womack Water back to Ludham.
Total distance is about 3 miles. There is a short cut if needed. Walk is mainly on public footpaths, with some minor roads. It can be muddy so good walking shoes recommended.
Excellent chances of seeing interesting wildlife. look out in particular for the barn owl on the marshes.

The Route:

Start in the middle of Ludham Village and walk along the main road towards Potter Heigham. You will have Thrower's shop on your left and a row of thatched cottages on your right. Go past the entance to Horsefen Road on your right (there are two entrances actually) and just beyond the second road turn right onto the track shown in the middle of the picture below. Follow this track uphill.
high mill walk 1

Keep going on this track and you will come to the top of High Mill Hill. Follow the track downhill again, and keep going straight on where the track narrows at the field boundary.

high mill walk 2

Follow this field boundary until you reach a road where you turn right. You are now in the hamlet of Fritton. For more information about Fritton, there is a Ludham Archive Booklet.

high mill walk 3

Follow the road down to the right passing Green Farm.

high mill walk 4

At the end of the road you will see this gate. Turn right here following the track.

high mill walk 5

You soon arrive at the Ludham Marshes National Nature Reserve.

high mill walk 6

At this fork in the track turn left. If you want a short cut, go straight on and rejoin the walk at Hunter's Yard.

high mill walk 7

Go through this gate and follow the track across the marshes. Just before you get to the house turn right and cross a metal footbridge. Now climb up onto the river bank.

high mill walk 8

You are now at Horsefen pumping station. There used to be a windpump here called Goodwin's Mill. It is long since demolished, but it is still possible to make out the site of the mill when the vegetation is not too high.

high mill walk 9

From the riverbank you get views of the River Thurne and some of the Thurne Bungalows which line the banks from here to Martham.

high mill walk 10

Turn right and follow the path along the riverbank with the marshes on your right. Look out here for the owl.

High Mill Walk 11

This ancient mill still stands on the marshes.

High Mill Walk 12

Follow the riverbank path and turn right alongside Womack Water at Toad Hall.

High Mill Walk 13

When you get to Hunter's Yard, go past the wooden sheds and then turn left into the road. Follow the road until you reach Womack Stathe (below).

High Mill Walk 14

From Womack Stathe, continue along the road (Horsefen Road) until you reach a T-junction. Turn left here and you are back in the middle of Ludham Village again.

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